We are one of the leading traders and suppliers of wide range of lamination machines made available in various models PCM S.r.l., Italy. It is  a company specialized in the design and construction of lamination and adhesivisation systems for every kind of product, and moreover many machineries addressed to  the transformation of expanded polyethylene foam and other synthetic foams, as well as textile materials of different nature.

The multiyear experience reached in the Hot Melt field lets PCM S.r.l. to range in all the different sectors of using of the hot glues, proposing unique solutions among the different builders of this kind of plants.

The main resource of PCM S.r.l. company is to produce customized machineries, in order to fulfill the specifically requirements of every singular client, succeeding in this way in proposing machineries unique in their nature, designed and developed with the client on the base of his final working.The most important application areas for PCM S.r.l. products are automotive, furniture, shoe, clothing, textile, sports, building with technical-planting and thermo or acoustic insulation sectors.


Thanks to the use of different glue types - latex glue, vinylic glue, water acrylic glue, this type of laminating machine enables different types of
materials to be laminated.


  • Unwinders with axial Device
  • Glue is spread by a system of 2 smooth rolls
  • The glue is acrylic or vinilic water based
  • Lamination and drying made by heated calender
  • Two positions axial winder

Quilt manufacturers – quilted materials
Garment packaging; Sportswear packaging; Leather packaging; Luggage manufacturers – quality leather goods; Furnishing – chair and sofa covers; Footwear manufacturers – shoe upper production; Automotive sector- upholstery production; Insulation, sound absorption; Technical diaphragm sectors.


This type of machine enables any type of product to be coated with adhesive (from sponges (made of polyurethane, polyethylene) to fabrics, paper, lead, rubber or non-rigid PVC or tar, melanin, etc. Thanks to the technologically advanced design of the plant, production is continuous and a minimum number of employees is required for the operation. Some particularly significant features are: Revolver winder at the outlet; Fully automatic coating head; Self-centring device for unwinding the material. This machine is recommended for work done in the following sectors: furnishing, shoe manufacture, technical sector (gaskets, soundproofing and heat insulation panels).

Machine designed for laminating closed cell materials (PE, PPE, polystyrene, etc.). The machine is able to laminate two or three products at the same time, both in sheets and in rolls. The materials are laminated by means of a hot air (400°C) blower heated by electrical resistances.
The maximum opening of the laminating calender is 500 mm. The machine can be fitted with two pressing belts that resist high temperatures and a shape cutter.
​The size and composition of the machine differ according to customer requirements.

The flame laminating machine is recommended for laminating hot-melt products such as PU and PE foam products with synthetic or natural products. To improve the production capacity, use of two burners can be included on the line to laminate three materials.
In view of the considerable production speed, the machine can be fitted with a series of accessories that enable it to be used continuously if suitable accumulators are introduced.
SUITABLE FOR USE IN THE FOLLOWING SECTORS :- Household cleaning products – PU – fibre scourers; Furnishing – padding; Automotive sector – interiors and upholstery; Heat insulation – sound absorption, etc.