We are the Authorised  & Indenting Agent  and supplier of wide range of Garment Dyeing  Machinery 'TONELLO'.


Since 1981 we’ve been contributing to the success that made in Italy has enjoyed all over the world.
With more than 6000 machines sold worldwide: from America to Asia, from Europe to Oceania.

Choosing a Tonello plant means that you can count on us for the long term :-

  • It’s ongoing assistance, training and start-up of the plants wherever you are in the world.
  • It’s a dialogue, collaboration, shared goals, solutions and know-how.
  • It means always having all the necessary spare parts available and ready for delivery should you need them.

Because environment is not just a beautiful word. It’s an undertaking to which we commit Every day.

  • Less water consumption.
  • More energy saving.
  • Less emissions and less scrap.
  • Safe and healthy working environment.
  • We achieved ACIMIT green label as supplier of sustainable technologies.

It’s all about knowledge and progress and it involves the entire company :-

  • We keep track of the evolutions in style and theworld of fashion.
  • We provide unbeatable training support for stylists which​ in turn leads us to new creative exploration; and customers get the chance to handle technology with capabilities that are always and increasingly surprising and innovative.

​​We offer a complete range of machines for garment treatment :-

  • Washing machines.
  • Dyeing machines.
  • Nitrogen Jet Dyeing Machine.
  • ECOfree. Ozone washing system.
  • Kit Batik. Special effects technology.
  • Laser Blaze K2. Laser marking system.
  • Bohemia. Natural 3D whiskers.
  • Leonardo. Garment printing machine.
  • Scratch.


  • Arvind - Bangalore
  • Everblue -Bangalore (Raymond)
  • Scotts- Bangalore
  • Creative -Chennai
  • BJ expo- Chennai
  • Gangotri- Tiripur
  • Aero Club- Woodland- Delhi
  • Cotton Blossom- Tirupur
  • Malwa Cotton- Ludhiana
  • AKR Dyeing- Tirupur
  • Shahi Exports- Bangalore
  • Top Gear Garmenst- Ludhiana
  • Vardman Spg and weaving General Mills Ltd- Ludhiana